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BOMA NEWS - November 28, 2023

6 Steps To Get BOMA BEST Smart Certified

1: Eligibility

Asset Type: Any commercial or institutional building type can pursue certification.

Occupancy: Buildings must be in operation for at least 12 months with an occupancy rate of 50%. 

2: Select A Certification Stream

Single Stream: For applicants registering one to four buildings, wanting to pay a one-time fee and verify buildings individually.

Portfolio Stream: For applicants registering five or more buildings, prefer to pay an annual fee and verify 20% of their portfolio annually. 

3: Registration

Create a user account and register your building(s) via our easy-to-use online tool where you will complete all steps of the certification process.

4: Questionnaire & Baseline Practices

A registered building can begin completing the online Smart questionnaire. The questionnaires has five key focus areas. The Baseline Practices are our minimum requirements that must be met in order to achieve any level of certification. 

5: Verification

Once the questionnaire is complete, the building(s) can request an on-site verification with a BOMA BEST Verification Professional. A Final Verification Report summarizes the building’s performance, final score and level will be issued. 

6: Certification & Celebration

A building can achieve one of five levels of certification – Baseline, Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. Once a building achieves a BOMA BEST  Smart certification, it will receive a 5-year BOMA BEST certificate in digital format and an optional framed certificate.

For more information on getting started, check out our:
BOMA BEST How To Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, a building can register for both BOMA BEST Sustainable and BOMA BEST Smart at any time.

BOMA BEST Sustainable and BOMA BEST Smart are two distinct programs assessing different aspects of building operations and management practices. As such, buildings certified as Gold in BOMA BEST Sustainable will not automatically receive the same designation in BOMA BEST Smart, as the two programs have different evaluation criteria.

You can choose to register buildings under the Single Stream for BOMA BEST Smart or open a separate portfolio.

The questionnaire is structured to be accessible to building managers and those responsible for day-to-day building operations, making it feasible for buildings that may not have a dedicated technology team in place to achieve certification.

BOMA BEST Sustainable and BOMA BEST Smart are two separate certification programs. While they are operated in the same way from registration to certification, the programs offer different road maps to building operational excellence and are intended to be pursued separately.