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BOMA BEST Sustainable

North America’s leading sustainable certification program for existing buildings.

BOMA BEST Sustainable is a certification program and a building management tool that provides a road map on how to decarbonize, reduce water and waste, retrofit for accessibility and equity, and navigate climate risk.

Five Steps to Certification



This will identify your building type, eligibility and introduce you to our Baseline Practices. 



You simply need to answer a few key questions to get your building registered. 



It’s time to begin the questionnaire. Go through each of the Focus Areas and provide your supporting documentation.



Your questionnaire is complete. Now you need to schedule your on-site verification.



Congratulations! Once your building has successfully passed the verification, it is now certified.

Your Path To BOMA BEST

In order to get the most out of your BOMA BEST experience, we’ve put together a Field Guide. It includes a How-To manual which will walk you through the process and answer any questions you might have, and a breakdown of each question. Click here to access the BOMA BEST Field Guide.


The cost of BOMA BEST includes registration, verification and certification fees.


At BOMA BEST, we’re almost as excited as you are in certifying your building, so we’ve put together a number of products to help you shout from the rooftop. If anything is missing, please reach out to us at marketing@bomabest.org

BOMA BEST - A tablet computer with a BOMA BEST Home green screen on it.

Elevator Advertising

BOMA BEST - A framed poster featuring the BOMA BEST logo.

Framed Certificate

BOMA BEST - Oma is the best safety driver at home.

Metal Plaque

BOMA BEST - A roll up banner featuring an image of a building.

Pop-up Banner

BOMA BEST - A business card template with a green leaf and BOMA BEST.

Social Media

BOMA BEST - A glass award with the word BOMA BEST prominently displayed.


BOMA BEST - A glass window with a sign that says BOMA BEST.

Window Decals

BOMA BEST - The BOMA BEST beauty award for home innovation.

Wood Plaque

Start your BOMA BEST Sustainable questionnaire today.