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In a time when companies are scrambling to foster client loyalty by being the most sustainable and governments are introducing regulatory policies about mandatory Environmental Social Governance (ESG) reporting, most companies would not expect to turn to their landlords to help address both.

How does AI expand our intelligence, enhance our capabilities, and help us move beyond sustainability?

Take a look at these top 5 misconceptions surrounding your building's journey to BOMA BEST Smart Certification.

Critical to the success of commercial real estate’s sustainability-focused business model is understanding that there is real value in a sustainable certification program beyond the actual certification.

The world of commercial real estate is going through an evolution. Property management companies, owners, and operators are discovering new and innovative ways to make buildings better for everyone.

Building managers, operators and sustainability professionals across the commercial real estate industry are starting to understand the symbiotic relationship that smart building certifications have with driving sustainability initiatives.

To demonstrate the differences between BOMA BEST 3.0 and the recently launched BOMA BEST 4.0, we've put together a video series to provide guidance on what to expect from the mandatory Baseline Practice questions in 4.0.

The commitment to sustainability in buildings has reached unprecedented levels – the BOMA BEST team analyzed the cutting-edge ESG trends shaping the industry today.

6 Steps To Get BOMA BEST Smart Certified

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