BOMA BEST - BOMA BEST certification program.

WEBINAR - June 8, 2023

BOMA BEST 4.0: The Future of Sustainable Building Certification


Are you curious about the future of sustainable building certification? Join us for an exciting webinar as we introduce you to the latest in sustainable building standards with BOMA BEST 4.0. Our expert speakers will provide an overview of the new BOMA BEST Sustainable Buildings requirements, which is designed to help building owners and managers achieve operational excellence.​

We’ll also feature a roundtable discussion with BOMA BEST 4.0 pilot participants where you’ll hear firsthand about their experiences using the new questionnaire and how it has helped them improve their sustainability practices. ​

This is a great opportunity to gain insight into the new BOMA BEST 4.0 Sustainable Buildings program and discover how it can benefit your building. Don’t miss out on this exciting event!​